CC-Link approval for Hilscher NXEB 100-NET development board

by John on 4 August 2010

Flexibel and fast CC-link development tool

Hilscher NXEB100-NET

CC-Link Partner Association announces that the Hilscher netX network development & evaluation board NXEB 100-NET has been fully tested and certificated to CC-Link V2.0.   Thanks to the versatility of netX, equipment vendors who plan to make new developments of CC-Link supporting device can now make use of this flexible system.

The big advantage to developers is that the NXEB 100-NET will support several Industrial Ethernet and fieldbus protocols on the same platform simply by changing the firmware.  In addition to CC-Link it can support:  PROFINET; EtherNet/IP; EtherCAT; SERCOS-Ⅲ; Powerlink; PROFIBUS; DeviceNet; CANopen; CompoNet and some others.  

 The CC-Link option was added due its high market share in Japan and Asia, and existing netX customers will also benefit from CC-Link’s growing popularity in Europe and the Americas.

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Hilscher NXEB datasheet

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