Membership benefits for smaller manufacturers

by The CC-Link Team on 3 November 2010

The CC-Link Partner Association is perfectly suited to the smaller manufacturer of industrial automation equipment. Even if you only have one product, then the CLPA can provide the ideal combination of technical help and marketing assistance required to help you exploit the growing market for CC-Link compliant equipment.

For any manufacturer faced with the global diversity of fieldbus standards, it would be all too easy to “rest on one’s laurels” and support only those fieldbuses that predominate in the local market. Yet to do that is to deny oneself potentially massive markets elsewhere. But how can a manufacturer with limited technical and marketing resources tap into these opportunities?

On the technical front, engineers at the CC-Link Partner Association are available to assist member companies’ product development teams with the implementation of CC-Link into their products. This includes both direct advice and educational programmes to enable companies to develop their own expertise in the CC-Link protocol. And it extends to help with passing the all-important CC-Link conformance testing.

Then, once the product has been accepted as CC-Link conformant, the CLPA provides member companies with a wide range of marketing opportunities. These include posting the product details on CLPA websites around the world, providing free access to the worldwide membership of the association, together with extensive exposure through trade shows, newsletters, product mailings and the CLPA product catalogues.

This combination of technical assistance and marketing services is unique in the fieldbus market, making it easy for manufacturers to create products that interface with CC-Link networks and present them to the global user base.

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