CC-Link Partner Products: a wide and growing selection

by The CC-Link Team on 23 February 2011

The list of CC-Link Partner Products continues to grow, and some users may be surprised at the choice of devices available for them to use in their CC-Link networks. The full portfolio of CC-Link Compliant products is listed on the CC-Link Partner Association website, and comprises growing lists of master, slave and peripheral devices that offer network builders true flexibility in controlling their industrial processes.

When it comes to controlling the network, a full range of Mitsubishi PLCs is supported, with master/slave modules available for MELSEC series But users are not tied to a single supplier as master/slave modules are also available from other manufacturers. Alternatively, for those who prefer to go down the industrial PC route, interface boards are available for both PCIbus and CompactPCI architectures, further increasing the options for network builders.

As you would expect, the range of slave devices is considerably wider, enabling network builders to support a huge array of machinery within a CC-Link network. These include slave interfaces for PLCs from the likes of Omron, Yokogawa Electric and Yaskawa Electric, as well as interfaces for PC-based controllers using both PCI and PC/104 architectures. Robots are well represented, with slave interfaces available to integrate units from Mitsubishi, Hirata, Fanuc, Yamaha, Denso, ABB, Kawasaki and others. Dedicated CC-Link HMIs are available from seven different manufacturers.

The ever-growing array of I/O units includes analogue inputs and outputs with a wide range of channel counts, digital inputs and outputs with up to 32 points and dedicated interfaces for load cells, solenoids, servo systems, barcode readers, encoders and RS232 interfaced devices. Slave interfaces are also available to link with RF and optical communications devices, and a full set of gateways to other network systems further expand the options on the factory floor.

To complete any CC-Link network, a full set of peripheral products is available, with cables and connectors from respected industry names like Molex, igus, 3M, Phoenix Contact, Turck and Belden. Diagnostic tools are available from Mitsubishi, and ready-written CC-Link development software can be sourced from Mitsubishi, Tsubakimoto Chain, Bits and Takebishi.

However, these are only a selection of the products available to builders of CC-Link networks. The full list is continually growing, and can be accessed from the CC-Link Partner Association website here.

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