Why conformance test?

by The CC-Link Team on 2 February 2011

Since CC-Link is an open network, its strength lies in offering many different devices from many different manufacturers (currently over 1000 CC-Link products are available).

However, openness sometimes brings unwanted problems. Although CC-Link specifies the required designs and components needed for building a product, without conformance testing, there are no assurances that a device will be fully interoperable with the other devices used on any CC-Link network.

Hence CC-Link promotes a comprehensive array of tests that ensure CC-Link products can be used with confidence. This also means customers are freed from the “finger pointing” that often comes with open networks when different manufacturers may blame each other for why devices will not work together.

Finally, this all supports the theme of the “Non-Stop Open Network”; knowing devices will operate together is an important productivity benefit for system design and maintenance.

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