Speedy connection with CC-Link/LT

by The CC-Link Team on 16 March 2011

CC-Link/LT is the bit-oriented network that is ideal for applications using sensors and actuators. One of its greatest advantages is its ease of expansion, thanks in no small part to the configuration of its cables and connectors.

CC-Link/LT networks are based on a single four-conductor flat cable that carries both signalling and power to each device. This cable is terminated using a novel “one-touch” connector, which is the key to the speedy installation of networks and devices. Importantly, the flat cable has a mechanically keyed profile that is mirrored in the one-touch connector. This makes connection simple, as incorrect installation is prevented.

The CC-Link/LT one-touch connector can be fitted to the cable using ordinary pliers (although a dedicated fitting tool is also available). This single operation provides reliable connection using insulation-displacement techniques, and the cable has a special viewing window to provide a quick visual indication of correct installation.

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