The growing range of CC-Link IE

by The CC-Link Team on 23 March 2011

The CC-Link IE standard boasts an ever-growing list of partner products, offering builders of industrial Ethernet networks increasing flexibility in creating standards-compliant installations capable of gigabit-per-second performance.

The CC-Link IE Controller Network has been designed specifically for high-speed (1Gbit/s) deterministic Ethernet communications. And to help realise this aim, network designers can use the latest state-of-the-art Mitsubishi iQ controllers equipped with a dedicated CC-Link IE Controller Network interface module to create high-speed and high-capacity networks. Multiple suitably equipped iQ systems can be used together, enabling the construction of networks that exploit CC-Link’s increased reliability brought about by decentralised control.

Alternatively, for those who do not require the functionality afforded by a state-of-the-art PLC, industrial PCs can be used to control the network (either alone or in tandem with PLCs) so long as they are equipped with a Mitsubishi CC-Link IE Controller Network board. These PCI form factor boards come complete with their own CC IE Control utility that allows settings such as channel numbers and station numbers to be configured simply in the familiar PC environment.

Rounding out the options for the CC-Link IE Controller Network, Mitsubishi also produces a communications module for its GOT1000 HMIs, offering users a graphical dimension to network control, with additional network diagnostics embedded for increased reliability.

As the CC-Link IE standard is based on Ethernet, both the CC-Link IE Controller Network and the CC-Link IE Field Network can make use of commercially available Ethernet components, such as cables, connectors, hubs etc. However, there are a number of CC-Link Partner Products that have been produced and tested to ensure that they enhance the reliability of networks, as you might expect of the CC-Link network technology.

These include indoor and outdoor optical fibre cables from Mitsubishi and Nihon Electric Wire & Cable, optical patch cords from Belden Electronics Division and industrial grade switching hubs from Mitsubishi. All these products have been tested and proved to comply with the rigorous performance and quality standards expected of CC-Link Partner Products.

The full list of CC-Link IE Partner Products is continually growing, and can be accessed from the CC-Link Partner Association website.

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