China: it’s no longer optional

by The CC-Link Team on 6 June 2012

European and American companies have no choice but to push in to the expanding Asian markets, most notably the vast economy that is China.

It is true Europe and America are regaining their strengths and will one day boom again, but the simple reality is that the economic balance of the world is shifting. China has recently overtaken Japan to become the world’s second biggest economy behind America, and it is perfectly feasible that it will gain the number one slot within the foreseeable future.

But the real point is that China, its neighbours and several other countries (including Russia, Brazil and India) are developing markets and if we don’t supply them someone else will!

These markets are half a world away and can be difficult to service. Often the business culture is very different to the West. Language and logistics can seem like insurmountable hurdles. Payment terms may be unusual to say the least.

But think back 50 or 100 years. What happened to the dairy that didn’t want to go to the effort of serving the next town, the manufacturer that was satisfied to address domestic demand, the store owner who thought a second branch would be too much trouble?

The fundamental economic mechanics that saw some companies grow into national and international organisations last century will in this century be applied on a global scale. Perhaps the difference is that there are now well developed support systems, such as the CLPA’s Gateway to China programme. Basically the CLPA (CC-Link Partners Association) has done much of the initial work for member s wanting to push into China.

The programme has established marketing links across China’s industrialised regions and is worth thousands of Euros. It has identified opportunities by industry, participates in exhibitions, organizes roadshows, conferences etc, and offers advertising opportunities. Members can tap into this as a first step, and then be supported as they establish their presence on the ground.

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