Why implementation is no barrier

by The CC-Link Team on 29 August 2014

“You’re only supposed to blow the….. doors off!” is one of the most memorable quotes from the legendary actor, Michael Caine. The line comes from The Italian Job (1969) and was spoken in a scene that, without intending to do so, nicely illustrates the idea of over-doing it. Using this imagery as a metaphor, here’s how the CC-Link Partnership (CLPA) is helping to offer network development solutions.

By John Browett

Why implementation is no barrier

CC-Link is one of the world’s leading open automation network technologies with an installed base exceeding twelve million devices. It is also widely supported by third party network connectivity specialists. Hence if a company already has the hardware to support other networks in their products, then it’s likely that they are half way to implementing CC-Link. It’s a classic case of a job being overestimated when it could be as simple as a firmware change.

Not a lot of people know that
This issue has spurred the CLPA to conduct a new development solutions promotional campaign to illustrate that implementing CC-Link in your products could be easier than you think.

Heavy-weights in the industrial communications industry and CLPA partners, Hilscher,  HMS and Renesas – are  three examples of companies that are able to offer network platform solutions to companies that want to implement our open network technologies without the need for a costly re-design.

Traditionally, adding a new network to your product  meant a  re-design. The financial implications of this, along with the necessary testing and debugging, could be considerable. However, thanks to solutions like netX, Anybus and the R-IN32, this is no longer a concern. These networking platforms from Hilscher, HMS and Renesas provide a flexible way to support multiple different network standards without costly re-designs. CC-Link is one of the networks that these platforms support.

Spreading the word
Advertising and web banners that highlight this message have already started appearing in print and online in the leading German trade publications, messtec drives Automation and the Industrial Ethernet Journal – sister publication to   SPS Magazin. Together, these magazines reach the majority of the German automation community, ensuring that our message is being communicated to all leading device makers.

They inform potential companies about the ease with which the leading industrial networking technology in Asia can be implemented anywhere in the world. They will run until the autumn and provide a lead-in to the world famous automation fair, SPS/IPC/Drives in Nuremburg, where CLPA will have a stand (Hall 2, Stand 2-540)

Powerful implementation
A strong reason to implement CC-Link is its world class performance; it’s the only networking technology able to provide open 1Gb Ethernet and thus ideal for companies who have large amounts of data to handle in real time. Furthermore, companies investing in CC-Link have the added advantage of access to a wealth of knowledge from the 2,100 CLPA members across the globe. Moreover, since it has a leading position in the Asian market, companies looking to increase their business there are seeing it as a key enabling technology to do this. The CLPA is also supporting these companies through its “Gateway to Asia” (G2A) programme.

CC-Link offers future business growth and access to industry innovation as well as swift and hassle-free implementation. So there really is no need to blow up the whole van.

CC-Link enables devices from numerous manufacturers to communicate, resulting in a fast, deterministic control system. It is managed by the CLPA, which represents manufacturers and users, academics and other interested parties.

John Browett is the European general manager of the CLPA. If you want to discuss Gateway to Asia, you can contact him on +49 (0) 2102 486 1750 or by e-mail using John.browett@clpa-europe.com.

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