3M Company gets behind CC-Link open networking group

by John on 17 June 2010


3M joins Board of CC-Link Partner Association

One of the world’s leading technology firms, 3M Company, has joined the Board of Director Companies of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA), one of the world’s leading open control networking organizations.  With the other five Board members, 3M will leverage its strengths in the continued global promotion and popularization of the CC-Link family of networks.

3M’s participation is significant because of its preeminent position as a diversified technology company.  It has considerable experience in the design and development of expert connectivity and wiring systems, and has designed and manufactures a range of CC-Link products including connectors and cables.   

CC-link open networks are globally recognised and accepted.

More……………..3M press release

Link to 3M…………….Electronic Systems Division

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