Conformance testing guarantees network reliability

by The CC-Link Team on 8 December 2010

All products that are certified for use in CC-Link networks have undergone and passed certification testing by the CC-Link Partner Association at one of the organisation’s test laboratories in the USA, China, Korea, Japan or Germany. This certification ensures that all devices comply with the strict technical requirements of the CC-Link specification, including electromagnetic compatibility and reaction times.

EMC testing includes inducing noise into the equipment itself and into connected cables, together with a floating capacitance measurement test. Hardware testing verifies the existence of specified communication components, together with various module and master power on/ff tests and online module replacement tests. Extensive software testing includes buffer memory tests, master-slave communication handshake tests, automatic station return verification tests and a baud rate switch out-of-range test.

Further tests confirm that the device can operate with the CC-Link maximum cable length as well as full coverage of device interoperability, profile tests and device interchangeability tests. Enhanced reliability is ensured by running full network operational tests over a 12 hour duration.

Thanks to this combination of tests, designers and users of CC-Link networks can be assured that certified products can be integrated with their networks with full functionality. This in turn ensures that users will continue to benefit from the high reliability and high availability of CC-Link networking in control of their industrial processes.

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