What is SLMP?

by The CC-Link Team on 12 January 2011

SLMP, or Seamless Message Protocol, is a feature of the CC-Link IE Field network that allows users to vertically integrate field devices with controllers to information systems, and seamlessly connect field systems to information systems. Standard Ethernet-compatible devices such as barcode readers and RFID scanners can be seamlessly connected using SLMP over the TCP/IP.

SLMP is a simple client/server type protocol, and so can be easily implemented into firmware for 100Mbit/s Ethernet devices from third-party vendors, and then connected to CC-Link IE field via an Ethernet adapter. Any device connected in this manner can then be accessed across the network. Similarly, the Ethernet-compatible device can then access all other devices connected to the CC-Link IE field network by specifying the network and station number of the communication target.

The CC-Link Partner Association is working to extend SLMP for CC-Link IE Field in order to facilitate the gathering of energy information from the field and for sending commands to field devices to manage energy consumption.

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