The networking implications of Industry 4.0

15 August 2013

In our last post we discussed the implications of Industry 4.0 on trade with Asia. Today, we will address the impact the concept and importantly, the technologies that underpin it, will have on open industrial networks such as CC-Link. By John Browett, General Manager of the CLPA One of the biggest implications of Industry 4.0 […]

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Industry 4.0: A catalyst for trade with Asia?

5 August 2013

Since the concept was launched at Hannover earlier this year, Industry 4.0 has been the buzzword on everyone’s lips. From an industrial networking point of view, it really has two sets of implications. Starting in the boardroom, the first issue is its importance to international trade. Moving on to the shop floor, the next issue […]

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Check the wood as well as the trees

2 August 2012

When technology is exciting, it is possible to overlook major issues because we are distracted by other details. When buying a car it is possible to be more focussed on the ‘extras’ than the basic function of travelling safely along the road; mobile phones’ advanced functionality can be more seductive than their main use of […]

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19 July 2012

Many nations in the East are growing rapidly; developing powerful manufacturing industries with global export footprints. In contrast, Western nations often describe themselves as ‘post industrial’ and are currently struggling in world markets. In developing nations both the government and the people seem to support manufacturing. It creates better paid jobs than the subsistence farming […]

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CC-Link provides a possible solution to the Euro crisis…

17 July 2012

Everyday, the news is full of more bad news about the worsening state of the so-called “Eurozone”. Businesses within the EU who depend on the Euro for economic survival have become increasingly pessimistic about trade with their counterparts in the region. The CC-Link Partner Association offers European companies a possible way out of the mess […]

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Network your way to lower energy costs

10 July 2012

Today there are a number of imperatives driving companies to reduce their energy consumption. Governments and shareholders are applying pressure of different kinds. Even if companies are sceptical about environmental impacts, there’s no denying that reducing costs in general just makes good business sense. Many organisations have done the easier things; switching off lights, running […]

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The link between sports and industrial network technology?

26 June 2012

Some sports are essentially the same as they were when the Ancient Greeks held their Olympic Games. Running, jumping, throwing, swimming, wrestling, still pit one contestant against another in a simple to comprehend contest. Other sports though are heavily dependent on the latest technology and need a team of experts working as hard behind the […]

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20 June 2012

We at CC-Link are very proud of the fact that we have supported the training of future engineers in a number of locations in Europe. An example is Lodz, Poland, where a recently established training centre combines the products of our key partners Festo and Mitsubishi Electric to equip engineers with the skills they will […]

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CC-Link Helps To Demystify Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbuses

14 June 2012

A new book on industrial communications is being hailed as one of the best and clearest overviews of a sometimes-bafflingly fast moving technology. “Industrial Communication with Fieldbus and Ethernet”, published by VDE Verlag in both English and German language versions, provides a concise explanation of the state of the art of data and information handling […]

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China: it’s no longer optional

6 June 2012

European and American companies have no choice but to push in to the expanding Asian markets, most notably the vast economy that is China. It is true Europe and America are regaining their strengths and will one day boom again, but the simple reality is that the economic balance of the world is shifting. China […]

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