Why implementation is no barrier

by The CC-Link Team on 29 August 2014

“You’re only supposed to blow the….. doors off!” is one of the most memorable quotes from the legendary actor, Michael Caine. The line comes from The Italian Job (1969) and was spoken in a scene that, without intending to do so, nicely illustrates the idea of over-doing it. Using this imagery as a metaphor, here’s […]

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Control Engineering Europe supplements CC-Link

by The CC-Link Team on 17 July 2014

Have you seen the latest Control Engineering Europe supplement? If not, you’re missing out on the magazine’s views on CC-Link technology, an introduction to the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) and the chance to open a gateway to success in Asia. But don’t panic – if you’ve missed out you can still find all the content […]

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Strength in numbers

9 June 2014

Steven Spielberg once said, “film making is all about appreciating the talents you surround yourself with and knowing you could never have made any of these films by yourself.”  Here at the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) we understand that just as with film making, partnerships play a central role in business. This is why we […]

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Is your company truly global?

16 April 2014

As a representative of an organization that helps other businesses reach new markets in Asia, I often hear companies describe themselves as global or worldwide. But I rarely see companies that genuinely seem to understand the differences between those terms. By John Browett Businesses often consider themselves to be regional, national, international or global. Naturally, […]

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Could you be the most connected business in the world?

7 April 2014

  You may have recently read about the most connected human on the planet. Chris Dancy from Denver, USA, is wired up to 700 sensors to capture every single detail of his existence – he uses a range of devices, services and applications to give him real-time data about his body. By John Browett His […]

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Can you reach untapped Asian markets?

1 April 2014

According to two major international reports last year, almost half of automation sales are now in the Asia and Pacific markets. An IHS research showed that in2012, 46 per cent of global expenditure – equivalent to 76.6bn – was spent in the region. Additionally, ARC last year published a report, which predicted that by 2016, […]

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Automation for the people

10 March 2014

By John Browett SPS IPC Drives is a staple of the European trade show calendar. It’s the only show in Europe where you can see nearly every leading automation brand in one place and be served wine by an industrial robot arm. Despite the amount of robots on show, most people aren’t ‘fluent in over […]

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Asia claims almost half of automation sales

18 September 2013

~ European vendors must adapt or they will lose out, argues the CLPA ~ A recent report by IHS Inc showed that in 2012, capital expenditure on industrial automation equipment in Asia reached the striking total of $76.6B, representing 46% of global investments in the sector. Despite this established and rising trend, selling industrial automation […]

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The gateway to the Asian automation market

29 August 2013

~ Hatfield event set to outline access to China and the rest of Asia ~ The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is hosting ‘Gateway to China’,an event to help UK companies discover and access automation business opportunities in Asia, on September 24, 2013 at the Mitsubishi Electric Europe Tokyo Conference Suite in Hatfield. Free tickets to […]

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What ESCO means for industrial networking

28 August 2013

The ESCO report (Electronics Systems Challenges and Opportunities) released on June 27 envisages 55% growth in the electronic systems sector by 2020. Whether that is achievable or not, and how it will impact on industrial networking, only time will tell. However, the underlying issue here is how we can bring success to the electronics manufacturing […]

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